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Our training expert, Alex Bonilla, excels at positive-reward work toward dog obedience and behavioral goals with our clients and their dogs of all ages and temperaments.

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Group Classes (Young dogs 6mos – 2 years)


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Alex, Our Trainer and Behaviorist

We’d love for you to meet Alex Bonilla, our dog trainer and behaviorist here at Alexandria Pet Care.  He has two important industry certifications:  he’s a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer and is also an AKC-certified trainer and evaluator for their puppy and dog training programs.

Alex comes to meet with you at home to work with you and your dog together toward your goals for a happy life with your pup.  He works with a variety of positive training methods customized to fit many different kinds of dogs (and owners).  Whether you have a new puppy ready for a foundation of good habits, or a rescue new to your family, we’ll help you meet your goals for a happy life with your dog.

Alex’s training methods draw from a  variety of humane training techniques to teach dogs how to handle the domestication process, to behave, and to obey — including the Humane Hierarchy model pioneered by Dr Susan Friedman, the Premack Principle, clicker techniques advanced by Karen Pryor, and Sirius Dog Training created by Dr Ian Dunbar. Drawing from all of those resources and his certification training, Alex will customize the best training techniques to suit both the owner’s and dog’s needs, strengths and training preferences.

Our approach is personalized to help you, your pet, and your household work together in harmony.  Alex works to understand your issues and wishes, then works with you on specific goals, identifies areas of miscommunication between you and your dog, and comes up with a tailored plan.

Typical work sessions include opening new lines of communication so that your dog understands what is expected of them behaviorally, and so that you understand precisely how to teach them those expectations in a practical and consistent way.


AKC-Certified Canine Good Citizen/Urban Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
​Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed  (includes 300 hours of training experience and professional certification exam. )