COVID19 Notices 2021-01-30T16:12:11-05:00

Policies for COVID19 Precautions & Protocols:
(published February 2020, last updated January 14, 2021)

Notice to Our Clients -
Preparedness & Protection

Against COVID-19

Until there is a vaccine, this virus is a serious threat to our individual health, our team, our livelihood and our business that serves our community.  We will continue 100% adherence to protocols, and we ask that CLIENTS DO THE SAME FOR US. Help us by doing these things:


  1. ANYONE in your home has symptoms  of cold, flu, respiratory illness, or fever (100.4° F [37.8° C] or greater using an oral thermometer), please cancel your visit and stay home until both fever and any other symptoms are gone without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medicines (e.g. cough suppressants).   We will return to work at your home when everyone has been symptom-free for 10 days or more.
  1. ANYONE in your home is alerted by contact tracing or knows to have been in contact with a workplace, public area, community group, or individual suspected to or known to have been exposed to COVID19. We will return to work at your home when everyone has been symptom-free for 10 days or or more.
  2. ANYONE in your home tests positive for COVID-19.   We will return to work at your home when everyone has been symptom-free for 14 days or more, or when everyone has documentation of a negative test.

ALL CLIENTS accept these responsibilities for keeping yourselves and us all safer:

  1. At home, regularly disinfect all entry doorknobs and the surfaces that you and we regularly touch:
  • pet supplies: bowls, treat jars, liter scoop handles, leashes, crate doors, ec.,
  • garage keypad,
  • alarm keypad,
  • key lockboxes,
  • doorknobs on all doors,
  • light switches,
  • sink handles,
  • your smartphone, computer keyboards and mouse/pads,
  • other frequently touched surfaces
  1. Tell us in ADVANCE, every time we may cross paths with other people in your home (maids, contractors, kids, family, or you)
  2. At home, leave soap and paper towels out for us by your sink. We may not use them in preference for minimizing the surfaces we touch, but if needed we want them in place and ready.
  3. Reduce your exposure by WEARING a mask 100% of the time you’re away from home, and WASHING your hands immediately after being in public places
    • Wash for 30+ seconds preferably using soap and warm water, over hand sanitizer or wipes
    • Distance yourself from people outside your household by at least 6 feet
    • Avoid other people who are coughing or sneezing
    • Sneeze or cough into a tissue or into your sleeve, never your hand
  4. Our employees are doing the same.
    Our standard practice has always been to to wash hands thoroughly at the end of every client visit, to prevent pet germs traveling from one home to the next. Now, we’ve added instructions for employees to deliberately and carefully clean up again when they return to their car from your house.  They also wash hands after every stop in public (including meals, 7-11, gas stations, trips home between visits, etc.), in order to minimize introducing any new germs into any client home.


  1. CONTACTLESS SERVICE 100% EVERY VISIT: Clients should remain on another level or in another room when your dog walker arrives and departs. We prefer no contact at all between APC team and clients.  Our team will let ourselves in the home as usual and call out softly with our name when we arrive so clients know who’s stepping in their home
  2. BAGS – Clients should leave an easily-reachable poop bag supply near the door we enter and exit, preferably a few individual grab-and-go bags not on rolls (already pulled off their perforation)
  3. TREATS – Clients should leave treats outside of containers if they wish for us to give a treat, or leave treat jar top off; APC will avoid touching treat jars or treat bags
  4. We can further modify arrival and departure routines 
    • FENCED YARDS – Clients with fenced yards could arrange in advance if they prefer to let their dog out to meet us in the yard, and if the client work doesn’t prevent them from getting up to let their dog out to us (calls, conferences, video meetings may necessitate APC team coming into the home anyway)
    • LEASH – APC team can bring their own washable nylon lead to clip to your dog’s regular harness or collar

We may cancel your visits if:

  1. The community is advised (by state or local officials, Health & Human Services, or other authorities) to quarantine or to take shelter in place or quarantine measures,
  1. The government directs any businesses to stop operations. We will alert you if any such measure affects our company or our operations.
  2. Our employees have symptoms of cold, flu, respiratory illness, or fever (100.4° F [37.8° C] or greater using an oral thermometer), we may cancel your visits if another employee is not available to cover.

Educate yourself with these online resources:  

Alexandria Pet Care, Inc. Employees -

Preparedness & Protection Measures Directive Against COVID-19


Use Local Information and Resources 

If You’re Sick, Have a Fever, Have a Cough, or Are Under the Weather

  1. Get tested immediately. See testing sites. 
  2. Follow isolation guidelines. Get the guidelines here.
  3. Alert the APC office asap when you have symptoms of cold, flu, loss of smell or taste, coughing, or other respiratory illness, and make an appointment to get tested. You must stay home and not come to work until three criteria are met: you are free of fever (100.4° F [37.8° C] or greater using an oral thermometer) or signs of a fever (chills, sweats, etc) for three days or more, at least 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms, and you have documentation of a negative COVID test.

Mandatory Face Mask, 100% of time in public places and at work until further notice

Employees must wear a clean, tight, and form-fitting face mask without valve, that securely covers above your nose and under your chin.

Employees are strongly encouraged to double mask, with a KN-95 or other disposable mask under the clean top mask.   Otherwise, use the filter pocket in a tight-fitting cloth mask for the additional layer of protection.

You may not wear a “triangle fold” bandana, or any other non-face mask facial covering (shirt, gaiter, scarf, turtleneck, any material that is single-layer, or any material not form-fitting above the nose to under the chin).

Acceptable face masks while at work must include these features:

  • 2+ layer fabric washable mask, 3+ layer surgical-style disposable, 5-layer KN95 mask alone or under a fabric or surgical-style disposable
  • with nose wire to ensure a good seal around the nose
  • tight fitting
  • with fully unobstructed forward view and fully unobstructed clear downward vision (doesn’t stick out from face, doesn’t ride up under eyes, doesn’t touch lower eyelashes, doesn’t fall down nose)
  • with either ear loops or ties behind the head and neck

Mandatory Specific Germ Prevention Protocols:

  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.  Use a tissue.
  • Wash your hands frequently, all day long
  • Practice superb hygiene:
    • Wash your hands for 30+ seconds (soap does NOT need to be anti-bacterial)
    • Use soap and warm water. Soap of ANY kind (bar, pump, liquid) is preferable and better for preventing COVID19 than antibacterial soap, wipes, or hand sanitizer.
    • Dry your hands thoroughly and use a paper towel to turn off water and to touch other surfaces after your hands are clean
    • Use hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes when no soap is available
  • Only leave home and go out in public if essential
  • Wash your hands after every essential stop in public
    • client home,
    • gas station
    • restaurant curbside pickup,
    • grocery curbside pickup, etc.
  • Avoid other people who are coughing or sneezing
  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue or into your sleeve, never your hand
  • Turn on lights with your elbow or knuckle, not your fingertip
  • Use a tissue to press client keypads – both garage door and alarm panel keypads
  • Avoid touching hard surfaces; use a tissue or paper towel  (use nitrile gloves if you wish – APC has a quantity to give to you.)
  • At the very end of EVERY client visit: wash your hands for 30+ seconds, dry your hands, and use the paper towel to touch every door and surface from the sink until you’re back in your car.  (NOTE: Final hand washing already is our year-round practice. All employees should be washing hands with soap as the last task before leaving each client home.)

Mandatory Practices In Your Car: 

  • Keep car supplied with small trash bags, tissues, paper towels, baby wipes, soap, and sanitizer.  Employees may also use gloves if preferred.
  • Every time you get in the car, put the used paper towel from the client house directly into a trash bag
  • EVERY time you enter your car, use a pump of soap followed with a baby wipe (soap does NOT need to be anti-bacterial). Do not skip this step in preference for hand sanitizer.   You may use hand sanitizer in addition, following your soap.
  • Disinfect daily all the car interior surfaces that you regularly touch:
    • car door handle
    • dials and knobs (radio, heat, etc)
    • steering wheel
    • client keys, key supplies
    • your car keys
  • Toss nose tissues immediately into a bag for later disposal. Do not toss on the floor or set down on a console or other surface

Mandate to Know and Follow all State and Local Guidelines

Employees must stay current with COVID-related announcements and communications from the Commonwealth (Governor Northam’s office and the Virginia Department of Health), as well as local communications from Fairfax County and Alexandria City.  All employees must follow all executive orders, government guidelines, and local instructions.

Recommendation to Avoid All Indoor Public Spaces

Employees are highly encouraged to stay out of all indoor public spaces that have shared HVAC ventilation systems (stores, restaurants, grocery, salons, etc.)   Do not go into indoor places with 10+ people.   Avoid “tented” outdoor spaces with 10+ people (like curbside eateries with tents, for example), until at least 80% of the general population is vaccinated. Always look for alternatives. Recommendations:

  • Order food, groceries, and prescriptions with home delivery or curbside pickup
  • For essential indoor visits like doctor’s appointments, stay in your car until it is your turn to be seen.
  • Move all non-essential appointments to late 2021 (dentists, salons, spas, dermatologists and other non-essential medical visits)

Recommendation for Germ Prevention Practices At home:

  • Wash your hands immediately when you return home
  • Regularly disinfect all entry doorknobs and the surfaces that you touch daily (the same list has been given to our clients for their homes) :
      • Pets’ items, bowls, treat jars, leashes, litter scoop handles, etc.
      • Garage keypad,
      • alarm keypad,
      • doorknobs on all doors,
      • light switches
      • sink handles,
      • your smartphone, computer keyboards and mouse/pads
      • other frequently touched surfaces.