Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! To all you pet moms out there, today is YOUR day! While it’s unlikely your furry friend will make you breakfast in bed, I think we should take this day to celebrate the best things about being a pet mom. I’ve comprised a list of my five favorite things about being a mother to my beautiful pupper:

  1. I never have to be alone – Literally. My dog follows me EVERYWHERE!  She’s a 75 pound lap dog, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.
  2. She’s a great listener – As long as I talk in a “happy voice” my dog listens to everything I say! She’s got that head-tilt down to perfection, and even though she probably has no idea what I’m saying, I like to think she does.
  3. I always have an exercise buddy – My pup is a great incentive to get movin’! She inspires me to get outside, walk to new places, and explore the world with her at my side.
  4. She always wins the clean plate award – I was a bit worried when I moved to an apartment without a dishwasher, but then I realized that my dishwasher traveled with me! (don’t worry, I wash all my dishes with soap and water once she’s done with them)
  5. She gives me something to be thankful for – my love bug pup provides unconditional love and is always there when I need her. She gives me a positive perspective every day, and looks at every morning as a new chance for adventure.

Even though this day is supposed to be about you pet moms out there, I also think its a day to be grateful for those rascally pets who make us moms in the first place! I’d love to hear what things you’re grateful for when it comes to being a pet mom – comment below!

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