Introducing…Adventure Cat!

So Saturday was one of my favorite days of the year. I’ve just discovered it, and I’m obsessed. It was National No Housework Day! Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually do that much housework on other days… but I love that there is a national reminder for people to put down their swiffers and relax (preferably outside)! In honor of this groundbreaking day, I have compiled a list of materials that will hopefully push you to opt outside…. With your cat.

Firstly: the Cat Harness. This remarkable product was created for adventurous owners and their like-minded felines! Keep in mind, this is not something that most cats will be used to, so a little bit of training may be required. Get your kitty comfortable wearing a harness around the house, and always give yummy yummy treats when you put it on. This is also recommended to ensure that the harness is secure and sturdy. After a few tries (give or take, depending on the cat), they should be good to explore the great outdoors! Now, this is NOT made for every cat, so be sure to respect your cats fear (if he has any) and take things slowly. Hopefully, after some time, you’ll have an outdoor buddy for life!

The next best thing for the cat or owner who isn’t quite ready for that harness lifestyle, is a pet stroller. These come in SO many shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can’t really go wrong. However, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind when purchasing one. 1) Look for a stroller with an attachable harness. This way, if your cat wants to just sit in the stroller with the top down, and the wind in their hair, they can do so safely. 2) Make sure it’s breathable! If your kitty is zippered up, you want to be sure that they have enough circulating air, and can still look out (hence the purpose of going outside in the first place). 3) Make sure it is sturdy. Just in case your kitty gets scared or surprised and does some jumping jacks, you want to be sure that they don’t tip over! 4) Storage is key! Personally, I like products that are a one-stop-shop, so I can store everything I need for my travels in one place.


If you’re not feeling the stroller game, that’s OK! The next option is a kitty sling. These are a recent discovery for me, and they are SO COOL. Again, there are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing one of these bad boys, so there are a few things to keep in mind. Security is first and foremost. A lot of models show a half-zipper, with room for your kitty’s head to peek out. Personally, that makes me a little anxious! I prefer the slings that have a full zipper, and are 50% mesh on the top. This way, your cat feels safe and secure (as do you), and they still have the option to look around and get fresh air. The next thing to look for is comfort! Slings generally go cross-body, but they also have one-shoulder options. The preference is totally yours, just be sure to find a style and a comfort that works for you. This is a super option for kittens who need some socialization, because they can experience the world from a safe place!

And finally, last but not least is the ever-so-fashionable kitty backpack. Again, there are a million different options out there, but my personal favorite is the Catstronaut (otherwise known as the Bubble Backpack). Not only are these adorable, but they are super functional. They are breathable, and have a super cool window that allows your cat to look out and experience the world. They come in all different colors and sizes to accommodate the coolest of cats, and are a great option for day trips, hikes, or even plane rides. (PS- I strongly urge you to stop everything and Google “catstronaut”. You will NOT regret it)

So there you have it! These are some excellent options to help your cat’s adventurous spirit flourish, and allow them to experience fun new things. As always, pay close attention to your kitty’s behavior. Adventures are not ideal for every cat, and it is important to not push them beyond their comfort zone. With that said, here’s to the adventures ahead of you!

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