Is Your Dog A Chewer?

As a dog mom of a dog with a particular affinity for destroying toys, I can honestly say I wish I read a post like this 5 years ago! My dog is 80 pounds of pure sweetness and love, but when it comes to her toys, she shows ZERO mercy. So I completely identify with those of you who go to the pet store, and pick up a cute little plush toy, but then have to set it back down because Fido is a toy killer. I also understand those of you who then look at Fido and say “THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS”…. Because all you want to be is the dog mom who can buy cute things for her dog.

SO, with that being said, I have found an extremely few number of toys that my dog not only loves, but has failed to destroy as of yet. AND, I am going to share this worldly knowledge with you, in the hopes it makes your life as a dog mom (or dad) easier and happier!

  • The Antler. Now, before you get all “I don’t like buying something that comes from another animal”, let me put your mind at rest. Antlers are naturally shed by Moose, Deer, and Elk, thus making it completely environmentally friendly and humane to give your dog antlers to chew on. The cool thing about antlers is that they are 100% digestible and they vary in toughness. For example, Moose have quite soft antlers, so if your dog is an insanely tough chewer, you may need to choose a harder antler such as Elk. Additionally, my dog has a pretty sensitive stomach, and she has zero problems digesting antlers, which is pretty miraculous. These toys are self-satisfying, because the more the dog chews, the better they taste! So antlers are my number 1 go-to toy when I need my dog to have a nice treat or some mental enrichment, or both!


  • The Jolly Ball. Full disclosure, my dog is actually pretty scared of this toy because it’s so large and can be pretty loud if you kick it around. BUT, she’s a weirdo, and most dogs really really love this ball! It was originally designed to be a toy for horses, but then people realized that their dogs went bananas for it, hence the dog version. They are made of super hard plastic and are too large for a dog to get their mouth around, so they are stuck in a never-ending battle with this toy… which makes for a LOT of enriching play!

  • The Classic Kong. This toy is (it’s in the title) a classic! The cool thing about Kongs nowadays is that they come in all sorts of fun shapes and colors. The colors actually designate the thickness of the rubber so they are marketable to a variety of chewers. The black rubber Kongs are for the toughest of chewers, and definitely live up to their advertising! My dog has had the same XL Black Classic Kong for 5 years and has not managed to even dent it. Pretttyyyyy impressive!

  • The Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone. I feel like this toy is actually pretty underrated. Nylabone has been around for YEARS and consistently comes out with solid, indestructible toys. The wishbone is a personal favorite for my dog – I got her one as a puppy, thinking she’d demolish it, and alas she still has it 5 years later! She often picks it over really high value toys like shank bones or antlers, which leads me to believe it’s something special!

  • The Outward Hound Firehose Squeak N Fetch. This toy has it all! It is made out of real firehose material, so it gives the dog the feeling of a soft toy but is incredibly durable. It squeaks AND floats in the water, making for a super exciting play session. We bring this toy to the dog park every day, and it has been able to withstand tug-of-war, fetch games in the water, and general roughhousing and trampling. On top of all this, it’s washable!



So there ya have it: 5 incredibly durable toys for the toughest of chewers. I hope this makes shopping for your furry friend a little bit more satisfying and a lot more fun!

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