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Get the Expertise You Expect

You found us! Whew. You can rest easy now, because we’re the most experienced and most trusted pet care providers in town.

We serve all household pets: birds, rabbits, exotics, ferrets, guinea pigs, tank pets, fish, and of course dogs and cats.

Before working here, we made our professional careers in animal hospitals, shelters, doggie day care, animal rescue, fostering, and dog training.

We excel in helping with special needs pets of all sorts, so ask us to meet even if you have a pet with special physical, behavioral, or medical needs.

When you hire us, you’re hiring knowledgeable and prepared career professionals.

Get Real!  We Work for You, Not a Platform

Working for you is not a hobby or temp gig. This is our living.  We are all in,  and we take pride in what we do for you and your pets. Every day.

So, we make it real around here. Our employees are dedicated to serving you, 7 days a week.

⇒ Real people on our team answer your calls.

⇒ Real people on our team introduce themselves to you and your pets in person before services begin.

⇒ Real people on our team are on-call when our office is closed.

⇒ So, let’s make it real – call us today!

Clients Say We’re #1 In Their Homes

“APC is awesome… they watched our 2 kitties for 2 weeks while we were on vacation, took in our mail, and fed our fish. I will definitely use them again. They were hassle and worry free!”

Marina, mom to Menace and CatZilla

Our Services = Your Delight!


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What’s Included in Pet Sitting? Love & Play.  No Medication Fees.

  • Water & feed at scheduled times
  • Dog walking services
  • Play indoors
  • Pick up after pets
  • Scoop litter
  • Change cages
  • Give oral medications
  • Administer insulin injections
  • Administer topical ointments

  • Reinforce commands for dogs
  • Pick up mail and newspapers
  • Alternate lights & blinds
  • Adjust TV and/or radio
  • Water plants
  • Check on overall security of home

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