Have a Dinner Date… With your Dog!

Normally, I feel a teeny bit guilty every time I leave my pupper alone at home – But, with the beautiful Spring weather upon us, the patio tables and chairs are coming out, the umbrellas are popping up, and the sidewalk doggy bowls are being refreshed all over town! We are so fortunate to live in such a dog-friendly town so we don’t have to worry about lonely Fido hanging out at home alone while we live it up in the sunshine! Luckily, there are dozens of pet-friendly restaurants who are rolling out the red carpet for customers and their four-legged friends.

To assist you in cultivating your culinary palate as well as help brainstorm even more ways you can hang out with your furry friend, I have compiled a list of best dog-friendly restaurants in Alexandria!

  1. Virtue Feed and Grain- This is a beautiful restaurant right on the water of S. Union Street in Old Town. They have a lovely covered patio that looks out over the Potomac and is nestled in a quaint brick-paved alley. Definitely check this place out for the views, Old-Town feel, and of course, delicious American-style food!
  2. Lost Dog Cafe- We can’t have a pet-friendly restaurant list without mentioning this gem! Located right on N. Henry street, this restaurant is named for their close relationship with, and contributions to Lost Dog Rescue. They have an adorable patio in a modern and artistic courtyard, and have a vast food and drink menu with so many tasty options!
  3. St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub- This wonderful establishment is a personal favorite of mine. It is super cute, neighborhood oriented, and best of all, SO pet friendly! This little gem is located in Del Ray, right on Mount Vernon Ave. There is plenty of outdoor seating, shady umbrellas, and fresh water bowls for your sweet pups. Best of all (in my humble opinion), their coffee is probably the best cup of joe on the block!
  4. Lena’s Wood Fired Pizza and Tap- The thing that drew me to this restaurant is the super cool vibe of their outdoor space. Located right on W. Braddock Road, Lena’s serves their delicious pizza and pasta in a beautiful stone courtyard with heaters and fire pits all over! They have plenty of room for Fido to hang out under the table while you munch on dinner and enjoy the beautiful night sky!
  5. Vola’s Dockside Grill- Last, but certainly not least, this restaurant has AMAZING views of the water! Located literally ON the Potomac, Vola’s has a beautiful outdoor seating area with a wide variety of munchies on their menu. You and your pup can relax under the stars while you enjoy a tasty dinner and watch the boats roll on by!

So there ya have it. The top five best places to go on a dinner date with your dog in Alexandria!

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