Our Unique Neighborhood Teams of Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

“What neighborhood do you live in?”

That’s such a common question to get to know someone you meet around town for the first time… and that’s exactly the way we get to know you and your pets, too.

Our employees work in teams of 2 and 3 people, assigned by neighborhood, so you get to meet several of us at your first in-home consultation (that’s free!) when we come to meet and greet you with your pets at home.   The employees you meet already serve your neighborhood, your neighbors, and now you!

This way, you get to know your Alexandria Pet Care team, personally, from the start.  You know who’ll be caring for your pets, and you can see first hand how your pets react to each of us.   You know who’s scheduled as the primary employee from our team to visit your pets, and you know who your backup pet sitter or dog walker will be.

So, What neighborhood do YOU live in? We pet sit and dog walk in these neighborhoods and more!

  • Belle Haven
  • Belle View
  • Braddock Heights
  • Cameron Station
  • Del Ray
  • Eisenhower
  • Fort Hunt
  • Hollin Hills
  • Jefferson Park
  • Mount Vernon
  • Old Town Alexandria
  • Quaker Hill
  • Quaker Lane
  • Rosemont
  • Seminary Ridge
  • Waynewood
  • West End

Don’t see your ‘hood listed? Just ask us, or use our zip code search on our homepage, alexandriapetcare.com

Why do we work this way? Well, for you it’s a bonus that you’ve met us personally before we come in your home when you’re not there. For us, it’s a bonus that we can serve you 365 days a year without sending an employee you’ve never met, who’s a  “stranger” to your pets.  We manage our employees’ schedules to maximize consistency for you from the employees you already know.

Of course, change happens…. so when we need to introduce another team employee to you – we always alert you in advance and give you an opportunity to schedule another meet and greet time for them to come to your home for a personal hello and orientation to your pet’s care.  (that’s also free!  we don’t charge any fee for you to meet a new-to-you employee from our team.)

We hope you’ll think of us as your Alexandria neighborhood pet sitters and dog walkers.  Neighborly. That’s the way we work!

Nice to meet you!

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