Pet-Friendly Guide to Spring in Alexandria!

Now that Spring is officially upon us, Alexandria has exploded with Pet-Friendly events everywhere you look! Because we’re awesome, we have set out to give you the skinny on some super cool upcoming pet-friendly things…so hold onto your pants and let’s go!

  1. Alexandria’s Pet Care Fair – April 27th. An event sponsored by the ARHA community in Old Town and the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, the AWLA will be giving out FREE Rabies vaccines, basic grooming, any pet care item you could think of, and behavior advice. Bring your dogs and cats and head on down to get everyone vaccinated!

2. MEOW DC – April 27th. While this is technically not an Alexandria event, it’s so epic we couldn’t leave it off the list. The Humane Rescue Alliance is sponsoring the first ever event of this kind – a Cat Convention. Anything and everything cat-related will be taking over DC, so get your tickets today!

3. Alexandria’s LOVE YOUR PET DAY – April 28th. This awesome block party on the West End was created to support all pet lovers in Alexandria! Sponsored by the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria and Frolick Dogs, Pet-Friendly organizations and businesses from all over the city will gather to hand out free swag and celebrate pets!

4. The Mirror Mirror Display – Installed until November. Have you stopped by Founder’s Park lately? There is a beautiful art exhibit installed on the lawn, and it’s a perfect photo ops with your pup! Stop by, play in the park, and pose for some reflective pics!

5. Take a Treat Tour! Anytime. Head on down to King Street for a springtime stroll and stop in stores to get treats for your pup! It’s like a bar crawl, but with dog treats! Be sure to stop in The Enchanted Florist, Principle Gallery, The Dog Park, and of course, the Potomac Riverboat Co. Ticket booth for some yummy dog-friendly treats

This list truly just scratches the surface! We’re so fortunate to live in an incredibly dog-friendly town, there are inviting dog experiences every which way you turn. If you discover any fun, new things, give us a shout so we can add it to the list!

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