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Our Client Reviews: Uncensored

Out of these 155 clients, 154 would hire us again. See what else they review about our pet sitting and dog walking services.

Alexandria Pet Care has never let me down in the year they've been taking care of my cats while on travel. The sitters leave daily notes and have even sent me photos to let me know my super shy girls have made new friends when I'm away.

Rgb 22307 Thursday October 1, 2015

Can't live without Elizabeth, Allison, Mehgan and especially Cindy. Our dogs love seeing them more than they do me!
We're in good hands and are sure our pets are with Alexandria Pet Care

NG 22304 Saturday September 26, 2015

We have been using Alexandria Pet Care for the past four years, since we adopted our kitty. We've used many pet care services before this and I can tell you that Alexandria Pet Care is by far the best. Our kitty is very well cared for while we are away, and she always looks happy, well-cared for and content when we get home. The added plus is that our home looks great, too. The pet sitters always tidy up after their visits. Since we started using Alexandria Pet Care, the care of my precious kitty is one thing I no longer worry about while on vacation. They do a terrific job!

BC 22305 Tuesday September 15, 2015

I have tremendous peace of mind with Alexandria Pet Care and no longer worry when I go out of town.

Great service - owner and 2 staff members came to my home for first visit. Staff members really love animals and are pursuing careers related to animal care.

RL 22314 Tuesday September 8, 2015

Amazing service. They do a fantastic job. Booking and payment are easy, and I trust them to give medications when required. So helpful!

JT 22401 Thursday September 3, 2015

We LOVE Alexandria Pet Care! I wouldn't trust our cat care to anyone else. They go above and beyond the call of duty all the time. We travel with total peace of mind, we know that our cats will be well taken care of and loved on. I have had to make so many crazy requests of them over time and they have never fallen short.

HM 22302 Thursday September 3, 2015

Alexandria Pet Care has gone above and beyond for us in the past 9 months that we have been using them to take care of our two cats. On our last vacation, the front door key stopped working for them. They worked with our less than helpful management office and helped us to brainstorm other options. I ended up FedExing my key to Elizabeth, the owner, who then went and checked in on our boys herself. I'm also a big fan of the notes they leave every day that they visit. I could not be more satisfied with their service.

MT 22305 Thursday September 3, 2015

Very good. Respond to all manner of details for care.

MW 22305 Thursday September 3, 2015

Absolutely fantastic service and personnel. My wife and I have used APC twice now and wouldn't consider using anyone else. We come home to daily notes detailing the day's visit and the animal's welfare. It's hard to leave pets behind but knowing the quality of care they'll receive while we're gone makes it much easier. What a great experience!

BK 22303 Thursday September 3, 2015

This service is great. I have two cats that do not like to be alone. APC informs me when the visits start, and notify after the last visit. When I return home, my kitties are happy and healthy. I feel completely comfortable when I am away knowing that my APC person will take care of my kitties. Two visits ago, the can of cheese that one of my cats thinks is must have treat was broken, and the cheese did not come out. The sitter actually picked up a new can. Thank goodness because I was gone for five days. My baby would have been so unhappy. So I will continue to use APC as my pet sitter. I feel that they are very safe.

NM 22304 Friday August 21, 2015

I started utilizing the services of Alexandria Pet Care not long after they started business, and they've always exceeded my expectations. Whether it's getting the plants watered, cleaning up after a messy cat or administering medicine, they always get the job done. When we come back, we always get detailed day-by-day written reports on how every visit went. When we have them taking care of the animals while we're away, it's one less thing we need to worry about.

AAE 22202 Monday August 3, 2015

I have only used the service once but the initial interview, accompanied by the care and concern about the kitties routine all were a strong example of a high standard and professionalism. Looking forward to my cats being wined and dined by this fine team.

JJ 22303 Sunday August 2, 2015

Elizabeth and Laura are outstanding. They really care about our cats and go out of their way to make sure every visit is perfect. Our girls rate them MEOWWWW!

sw 22305-1948 Saturday August 1, 2015

I've been using Alexandria Pet Care for over ten years and have had nothing but wonderful service. Everyone I have encountered is very professional and trustworthy. I would recommend this company to my family and friends.

EBZ 22306 Tuesday July 28, 2015

5 - Everything written and pet inspection revealed the pet care as exceptional.

bkw 22308 Tuesday July 28, 2015

over the years, i have been very pleased with the care my cats have received from the alexandria pet care team. they have been most accommodating in regards to the needs of our pets. the people that work for apc are knowledgeable. i got a terrific idea for a litter box (one of our guys had been whizzing outside the box...onto the wall) although we still use puppy pads as well - but on a tray on the floor in front of the entrance.
the span of time listed for visits makes sense although i do wish earlier visits could be added. i am sure it could happen if requested ...hence the accommodating remark.

dc 22305 Tuesday July 28, 2015

They are experienced and reliable. They go the extra mile when required. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them.

rht 22308 Tuesday July 28, 2015

We LOVE everyone at APC! They take wonderful care of our two cats and our dog!

MKH 22304 Monday July 27, 2015

APC is a wonderful service. They are so responsive and attentive! From the scheduling process to the visits with the detailed and precious notes on how the kiddies responded during the visits--- its all first rate! We trust our pets with their responsible and caring service.

SDD 22304 Wednesday July 22, 2015

APC takes such great care of my elder cat that I can travel for work knowing that he is well cared for and in good hands. I would highly recommend APC to anyone who needs services for their pet.

DD 22305 Monday July 20, 2015

Great service and are available when needed. They truly do take care of your pets and love the reports when we get home from a trip.

RLG 22307 Monday July 20, 2015

We've been very impressed at the quality of care for our pets! We plan to continue using you for all our petsitting needs.

JM 22314 Saturday July 18, 2015

I use Alexandria Pet Care to visit my cats when I travel away from home. They show up as planned, leave notes about how my cats are doing, check the cats well-being, and give lots of TLC. I do not worry when they visit and know my cats are in good hands.

RL 22314 Saturday July 18, 2015

Alexandria Pet Care is the absolute best pet care in Alexandria. In the year Meghan took care of our kitties we can only commend the excellent care given to our babies. Allison is the most professional Office Manager I have dealt with. We are moving and we will miss Meghan. I hope we find another excellent pet-sitter in our new home. Thank you all for providing excellent pet care to our babies!!! We will miss your funny notes Meghan; we so enjoyed reading when we returned home.

DGB 22312 Wednesday July 15, 2015

Thank you, as always, for all that you do!

MM 22304 Wednesday July 1, 2015

We are home and loved all of the notes - it feels like we had family watching over him, given the love and level of detail - thank you!!!!!

BB 22301 Saturday June 27, 2015

I have two cats and have been using APC's pet sitting services over 5 years and highly recommend them. Nothing short of amazing. We had one cat that required meds 2x a day (pills and sometimes oral meds) and both Elizabeth and Christine spent the time, love, and attention to ensure he received all his meds. APC was even able to provide assistance in "pilling" our cat on short notice.

HM 22307 Wednesday June 17, 2015

Our cats are so at ease when you guys come.

CK 22304 Thursday June 11, 2015

APC is extremely responsive if you have a change of plans, need to schedule last minute, and/or respond to any questions you may have - even when you're on travel. They also are super in keeping your house tidy, alternating lights/shades, and checking that everything is ok overall. I highly recommend APC as they are exceptional in every aspect: dependable, professional, responsive, and they love animals. They provide peace of mind while you are away and that is no easy feat!

PD 22305 Monday June 8, 2015

Thank you guys for all you do! We never worry about our animals when we are away! We know you all love them as much as we do.

MH 22302 Monday June 1, 2015

Thank you for such loving care of Lucy!!!!!

TC 22304 Sunday May 31, 2015

We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your service. Your team is amazing, and we feel so secure when we're away. Thank you!!

MK 22301 Sunday May 31, 2015

Loved reading your notes. Thanks for taking great care of Heidi! See you next time!

AM 22314 Sunday May 31, 2015

Great job-thanks for bringing in newspapers AND boxes, the great notes and for taking such good care of Lucy!

AG Sunday May 31, 2015

I cannot speak highly enough for them.  Everything runs smoothly, and they are just wonderful people.  I would give them my very highest recommendation!!

MST 22308 Friday May 29, 2015

This is my second dog walker.  They were way more organized and business-like than the other places I called.  Further, when they came over for my consultation I really appreciated meeting all of the team members who could potentially walk my dog and be in my house.  I got a really great feeling meeting them all in person, and I was basically sold then. I have a crazy schedule and a lot of times have last-minute requests for dog walking or pet sitting my dog Maddie.  They are so accommodating! And I’ve been home several times since they started last September to see how sweet they are with her, and I can tell that my Maddie really loves them!

LE 22311 Saturday May 23, 2015

Thanks again, Cooper loves you guys and so do we!

JF 22309 Tuesday May 19, 2015

Thanks so much for taking care of our cats! We also loved the notes and your brilliant method to keep the ants out of the cat food! See you next time!

MS 22301 Sunday May 10, 2015

Thank you again for excellent service.

SM 22304 Tuesday April 28, 2015

Can I just say once again, YOU ARE THE BEST!

LG 22301 Friday April 17, 2015

Thank you so very much for everything over the past 4+ years. We never had to worry about our kiddos because we always knew they were in good hands. We greatly appreciated the peace of mind that you gave us.

JJ 22302 Monday April 13, 2015

As always, everything was perfect!

JW 22314 Friday April 3, 2015

You guys have been there since the beginning and have been wonderful to all of our dogs. They really love you all and enjoy the time they get to spend with you all.

EJ 22311 Thursday March 19, 2015

Wonderful! We had Alexandria Pet Care come to our home to care for our 2 dogs over a long weekend. They were very professional and kept our dogs happy. We came home to a journal of notes from each visit. It was great to see how passionate these ladies were about caring for our pets. We plan to use them again soon!

MP 22305 Wednesday February 25, 2015

Thanks again for your excellent service and for the ongoing amazing care of Atticus. We always know he's in great hands, which gives us a huge measure of comfort when we are away

KF 22314 Monday January 5, 2015

Thank you again for the excellent care! You are the greatest. Happy new year!

MT 22305 Friday January 2, 2015

We are home and pleased to find Lulu happy in well taken care of. As always, thank you for your excellent care.

CM 22305 Saturday December 27, 2014

I really appreciate your outstanding services!

AM 22314 Friday December 19, 2014

We really appreciate your excellent service.

NG 22304 Friday October 3, 2014

Thanks for all of your visits and excellent service.

LD 22307 Saturday September 13, 2014

Thank you for the excellent service.

TM 22314 Monday August 18, 2014

As usual, you had everything in perfect order and the girls were in excellent spirits. I really enjoy reading the notes!

CM 22304 Friday August 15, 2014

Thank you for your excellent care of Shelby and Stewie.

JM 22304 Monday August 4, 2014

Several months into living in Alexandria, and APC has cared for my meows several times. They continue to do an incredible job, and my cats are always very happy when we get home! I don't think any toilet paper has been shredded in a few months, which is a miracle. I'm really thankful for APC and all they do for my cats.

AH 22314 Saturday July 12, 2014

I love you gals. You are awesome. Thank you so much.

DS 22301 Friday June 27, 2014

Thanks so much once again for taking excellent care of my pets!

SP 22314 Thursday May 8, 2014

I am obsessed with this service. Staff is outstanding and so reliable. Their prices are completely reasonable and I don't ever have to worry about our two cats while we're away. I love that staff gives updates on what the pets were doing each day, how they acted, etc. I feel pretty lucky we have APC available to us.

MK 22304 Tuesday April 15, 2014

I love you all!!!

CF 22314 Wednesday March 26, 2014

We have cats. We love the peace of mind that the Alexandria Pet Care team provides when we are out of town. Only the individuals that you are introduced to on the initial visit have access to your home and they all have experience with animals. They keep a daily written log of their visits note the time and what they did during their time in your home. The log is especially fun to read when you return home. And, they will take in your mail and even turn on lights if you request it.

LD 22314 Monday March 24, 2014

thank you all for providing excellent service over the last couple years

SB 22303 Thursday February 13, 2014

Really nice and knowledgeable sitters. And very flexible. I had a last minute request and they were able to make it happen. More importantly - my two pups really liked the sitters!

RW 22301 Sunday January 19, 2014

Thank you so much again for taking excellent care of the guinea pigs!

SP 22303 Sunday December 29, 2013

I will definitely keep you folks in mind the next time I go out of town

MT 22314 Friday December 27, 2013

Thanks for everything! Gigi looks great and the apt does, too!! Really appreciate the excellent service!!

SL 22306 Thursday December 26, 2013

your excellent pet sitters helped me out by doing home visits for my 2 cats while I was gone

AG 22305 Tuesday December 3, 2013

I have used APC's services for over four years. Elizabeth and her team provide excellent customer service. I appreciate having peace of mind through the care they provide for my dog, Dana. APC is the best and I highly recommend.

CR 22314 Sunday September 15, 2013

We just used this service for the first time, as our usual pet sitter was unavailable to check in on our two cats while we went to the west coast to get married. Feeling frazzled, we found Alexandria Pet Care online and scheduled a consultation. We met with three individuals (one was the head of the company, the other two were our scheduled sitter and a backup), all of whom were lovely and immediately put us at ease. And the price was amazing... I couldn't believe the deal we got.

The pet sitter dropped by each morning to not only feed our kitties, give them fresh water, and scoop their litter box, but they also played with them and gave them lots of attention in the 20 minutes to half hour they were there each day. For the first time ever, our cats were completely happy and adjusted when we came home (they typically ignore us or pout when we get home after a long weekend trip). The sitters also left notes of what the cats were up to while we were gone and how they did. I was thrilled with how professional the staff was, and how at ease I felt leaving the cats to their care. We will absolutely be using them again!

MP 22314 Tuesday July 30, 2013

Thank goodness for APC. After moving from Houston, I was very nervous about not having my brother's wonderful girlfriend to look in on my cat children while I was gone. APC has put my mind at ease. Their staff is very experienced in dealing with animals, and my cats have a slew of allergies and whatnot. They've looked in on my cats twice, and they were well cared for. I'm so happy to be a client.

AL 22314 Friday July 12, 2013

We had hired them a few years ago to look after our cat while we were on a 5-day trip to New York. It went fine. A month ago we have hired them to look after the cat as we went on a three weeks trip to Europe. As we returned, I noticed that cat had hairballs all over him. Today I got to brush him. Oh my Gods. It has never been so bad in his entire life. Some of the hairballs were size of a golf ball. Literally. It took over an hour to brush and cut them all out, instead of the regular 15 minutes. Cat was screaming from pain the entire time and is now completely traumatized. After the brushing he tried to hit me with his claws, the first time ever in my 10.5 years of knowing him. She was supposed to brush him. Clearly, she and I have a very different idea about what "brushing" means.

His ears were very dirty, used half a pack of Q-tips cleaning them out. There was a lot of pee in his toilet tray, which she was also supposed to clean out; when we returned, the whole place smelled of cat's pee. In addition to all of that, she promised to water the plants, which had to be watered twice a week. Ten days in - no plants watering, we were watching on security cameras. Had to e-mail them and remind about it; even then, she tried to blatantly lie saying that she has been watering them. Maybe never heard of the Activity Feed feature?..

It would cost $500 to buy a pet plane ticket and bring cat with us. Alexandria Pet Care bill was over $1,000. Unless you want similar experience for your pet and yourself, stay away from them and their "services". They are TERRIBLE. I wish I never knew about them.

AG 22306 Thursday July 11, 2013

Such great care of our cats....and our house, plants and general excellent job.

TH 2014 Wednesday June 26, 2013