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Our Client Reviews: Uncensored

Out of these 145 clients, 144 would hire us again. See what else they review about our pet sitting and dog walking services.

We have been doing business with APC for the past two years and they are simply the best. They are customer oriented and genuinely care about the welfare and comfort our cat. We rely on them and they exceed expectations every time.

MC 22301 Sunday January 15, 2012

I was very pleased with the care my cats received from APC. Elizabeth and Jennifer came to the house first to meet us and the cats, tour the house, and review the details. When I returned, there was a detailed report left for each day that they came. We had last minute travel delays and were able to contact them easily and arrange for a couple of last minute visits. I will definitely call them again when we are gone for an extended period of time.

JG 22314 Thursday August 11, 2011

The folks at APC are fantastic. I call them to look in on my cat when I'm going out of town. They answer phone calls and emails right away, and seem completely unfazed by special requests. For a while, kitty needed daily injections and pills, which was no problem. They leave a note each day saying what they did, and how Kitty was feeling that day ("cuddly" is a recurring theme). And of course they will bring in the mail and water plants, etc. It's a little bit more expensive than hiring "the neighbor kid" but you get a real grown-up professional, and more peace of mind. Well worth it.

CB 22301 Tuesday August 9, 2011

we've had alexandria pet care watch our kitty while out of town multiple times. she is always a little jumpy when we get home, but seems to be well taken care of. the staff has always been friendly and helpful, plus the free consultation when we first hired them was a plus over other places.

as overprotective pet parents, we feel like they've been a great choice for miss olive!

MV 22314 Tuesday May 11, 2010

Thanks so much. We just love you guys!!!

SD 22307 Monday March 17, 2008