Spring Forward… Straight to the Dog Park!

Are you ready to Spring Forward? Welcome to daylight savings!

In honor of the fact that we made it through this winter (even though it still seems to have a few tricks up its sleeve), here is a list of every accessible dog park in Alexandria (with my personal thoughts about each). It may still be chilly out, but I’m feeling super inspired to check all of these out with my own pup – I hope to see you there!


Dog Parks in the Alexandria portion of eastern Fairfax County – (Outside the beltway between Huntington and Mount Vernon)

  • Westgrove Park at 6801 Fort Hunt Road –  This park has water for pups and has both a large running area and a small fenced area great for small dogs.
  • Lenclair Park at 6725 Lenclair Street – Also a park with running water, so it’s a nice hangout
  • Grist Mill Park at 4710 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway – this park the only dog park around for miles, so for everyone down the GW Parkway and Rout 1 close to Mount Vernon, this is a nice place to visit.

Fenced Parks in Alexandria City  – (Ideal if you’re not totally confident in Fido’s ability to find his parents amidst the excitement)

  • Simpson Stadium Park at Monroe Avenue – this park is AWESOME! It is lighted at night, has water fountains for pups and people, lots of comfy benches, and is right across the street from Swing’s Coffee (major bonus)
  • Duke Street Dog Park, next to the Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Library – this is a nice park! It has a good amount of shade, tables and benches. However, there is no running water, and its right next to a very busy road so would not be good for sound-sensitive pups
  • Dog Run Park at Carlyle – this park is cute! It has a nice walking track around the edge with benches, and grass in the middle. Its pretty small however, and right next to the metro; so again, not great for sound-sensitive puppers
  • Ben Brenman Park’s Dog Park – this park is cool because it’s a smaller fenced-in area on the south side of the massive Ben Brenman park, across a little bridge from convenient parking! It was recently expanded, and had lights added, so it’s a nice spot to hang on a beautiful day


Unfenced Parks/Dog Exercise Areas in Alexandria City – These are excellent spots for dogs who have a great recall and just need to run around! Take note that there are leash laws in Alexandria, which are suspended in these areas. There are also several rules/regulations posted on signs, which must be followed in these areas. Click the link at the bottom of this post to read more about them, and see the spots on a map!

  • Founder’s Park at Oronoco Street and Union Street – this park is SO pretty! It’s right on the water, next to the Torpedo factory. There are often leashed dogs here as well, so be sure your pup doesn’t run up to any unfriendly doggos!
  • Windmill Hill Park at Gibbon and Union Streets – this park also has the advantage of being right on the water. It’s actually partially fenced, which is a cool addition and a nice separation from dogs walking along the sidewalk.
  • Southeast Corner of Braddock Road and Commonwealth – this spot is itty bitty! It’s on the corner of two very busy streets, so not super ideal for dogs who are easily frightened by traffic
  • Hooff’s Run, east of Commonwealth between Oak and Chapman Streets – this is a nice little spot. It is right on Commonwealth, so it does see a fair bit of traffic. However, it’s also right next to Grape & Bean, so that’s a huge plus!
  • Ft. Williams Parkway at Dearborn Rd – this is a cute little corner spot. Again, it is right on the road, so not great for easily frightened pups, but a good place to stretch the legs
  • Tarleton Park – this place is nice because it is a little bit more secluded. It’s not directly on the road, and is a great place for your pup to explore while supervised
  • Chambliss Street – much like the others, this is a sweet little spot right on the road. It is perfect for those pup owners who don’t have a yard, but don’t feel like getting in the car to go to the big parks!
  • Chinquapin Park – this little spot is a bit more secluded. It is right next to tennis courts, and backs up to a small parking lot and wooded area. It’s a great space for dogs who are not huge fans of traffic
  • Monticello Park – this park requires a tiny hike through the woods, but it’s well worth it! It is the perfect middle ground for dogs who need to run around without a whole lot of distractions
  • Four Mile Run Park- this park is a nice little spot that you can drive right up to! It’s not surrounded by a whole lot of roads or traffic, and is a great grassy area for Fido to run around


I hope you’re as inspired as I am to get outside with your pup! These parks are great places for socialization, playing, and taking your dog’s training to the next level. Parks provide great distraction for dogs who are still learning recall, and for practicing a variety of commands. Plus, there’s really nothing better than a pooped pup after a great day at the park!

Click the link below for directions to each park, and more information for the parks around where you live:

Alexandria City: https://www.alexandriava.gov/Dogs

Fairfax County: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/offleash

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