Welcome to Spring… Sort Of


Phew, we made it through Winter (mostly)…welcome to Spring (ish)! In honor of the official beginning of beautiful sunny days and blue skies (or more likely, lots of rain), I’d like to share some pro tips on keeping your pets healthy and happy this season.

  • Easter is right around the corner, and along with Easter comes beautiful decorations and candy goodies…most of which are toxic to pets. Lilies, chocolate, marshmallow peeps, and plastic decorations are all un-digestible for pets. Be sure to keep these away from reach, and if that’s not possible, settle for admiring the decorations of your friends and neighbors!
  • Check ALL your window and door screens! While we all love a nice breezy room on a beautiful day, we certainly don’t love escaped pets.
  • Keep your furry friends away from all Spring Cleaning activities, unless you are using all-natural, pet safe cleaning products! All other products are harmful to pets, so be sure to use and store safely.
  • It’s planting season! I don’t know about you, but my dog is a huge fan of nibbling on plants. Be sure that the plants you choose for your garden are not toxic to animals, and stay away from chemical fertilizers and insecticides if your pet roams around in your yard.
  • Spring is not only my favorite season, it is also the favorite season of yucky bugs! Fleas, ticks, and the like are running rampant this time of year. Be sure to utilize heartworm preventatives and flea/tick control. Additionally, don’t forget that topic treatments are incredibly toxic if ingested, so keep these away from your pet’s mouths! Speak to your vet about the best products for your pet.
  • Pets love to be outdoors in this beautiful weather…maybe even too much! It is so common for dogs and cats to wander away from home this time of year, so make sure that they are properly adorned with a collar, ID tags, and a microchip!

Hopefully these tips were helpful, and make for a happy and healthy Springtime for all furry friends out there! If you notice any medical or behavioral changes in your pet as the season shifts, be sure to consult your vet.

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