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17 Years of Raising the Bar for Professional In-home Pet Services

We’d love to meet you and bring fun to your house, too!


You can rest easy.
We’ve been serving family pets for 17 years. All our employees have two years or more prior professional experience in animal hospitals, shelters, doggie day care, wildlife rehab, or animal control. We’ve seen it all.


Know who works for you.
We hire permanent employees – never contractors or seasonal help – who are focused on consistent quality care. You initially meet several of us, so you know personally who’s visiting and who’s backup.


Your town is our town.
We all live in Alexandria – we work where we live and live where we work. So, whenever you need us, you know we’re close by. We save on commuting time, and we care about doing great work in our own community.


Your wish is our command.
We follow your specific instructions, with our know-how about pets. So, you get tailored personalized service, backed by our training in medicine administration and emergency crisis management.

Top 10 Reasons To Hire Alexandria Pet Care

We uphold the highest standards and best practices in our industry. 

Ask around. Go ahead, we don’t mind.  We would want to find the best dog walker and the best pet sitter for our own pets, too.  Compare our practices to other pet care services:

  • EXPERIENCE: We only hire career animal professionals with experience working in animal hospitals, dog training, rescue, shelters, and doggie day care

  • CONSISTENCY: We hire employees (never seasonal or contractors) and provide excellent training, pay and benefits, so our employee turnover averages 4 years compared to industry average of 1 year
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Your online account is available to you 24/7 showing your upcoming visit times and assigned team member, then our software logs for you when we arrive, when we depart, and an “activity card” about each visit

  • INSURANCE: We carry bonding and liability insurance with “pet sitters” coverage. Employees are covered by worker’s comp and medical insurance

  • TEAM-BASED SERVICE: We introduce your neighborhood team in person to you, so if you live in Del Ray, Old Town Alexandria, West End, Belle Haven, Mount Vernon, and everywhere in between, you’ll know who will visit your pets for pet sitting or dog walks
  • INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION: We serve one household at a time (no “pack” dog walking)

  • SAFETY: We avoid interaction with others outdoors (no dog park visits, no greeting other animals)

  • RESPONSIBILITY: We provide the sole pet sitting care for animals in our charge when their owners are out of town (no sharing with neighbors or other parties)
  • FREQUENCY:  We visit at least once a day while pet sitting (3 times minimum for dogs) and no skipped days when owners are out of town
  • TRANSPARENCY: You receive a draft invoice with all visits and prices before each set of appointments, our software tells you when we come and go, and we post an online activity report comments for each visit

What’s Included in a Visit

We focus on pets’ individual needs because we know pets are like people: they all don’t like to be treated the same.

Each visit is customized to the care your pet needs. Whether it’s a playful visit, or a quiet soothing visit, a speedy dog walk or a stroll-n-sniff, we can do these basic chores included in your standard visit:

  • Follow your precise instructions
  • Monitor pets demeanor and health
  • Provide fun and engaging companionship
  • Walk dogs or play with puppies
  • Play indoors with pets who like to play
  • Water & feed as instructed
  • Clean up after pets
  • Scoop litter
  • Change cages
  • Give oral medications
  • Administer insulin injections
  • Administer topical ointments

  • Reinforce commands for dogs
  • Take out trash
  • Take out recycling
  • Wash pets bowls and eating area
  • Brush cats or dogs
  • Pick up mail and newspapers
  • Alternate lights & blinds
  • Adjust TV or radio
  • Water plants
  • Check on overall security of home
  • Document our visit in your journal

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